Support - coronavirus

Screening Test

If anyone is planning to visit either the office or the group home, will need to conduct a screening test over the phone with us as to prioritize our safety especially our participants living in the group homes. The screening test will be a series of questions to ensure visitors are healthy and clear of any illnesses. Also, we will instruct visitors what to do before entering the building such as wearing a mask and sanitizing before entry. This is only applicable if they must come in and do their work in person as they cannot operate over the phone or online. The screening test is to be done 2-3 days prior to visit so we must be notified ahead of time. 

Signs and Posters for awareness

During this time, each of the group homes as well as the office have put up warning signs and posters for the awareness of Covid-19. Information such as keeping clean and staying safe with regards to following isolation rules. The posters contain valuable information such as preventative measures to help lessen the chances of anyone getting affected being both participants and the support workers. The sign can be downloaded below for your information.

Premises sign Covid-19