As the Acting Chairman of the Board of Directors, we are very pleased to WELCOME you all to Hale Community Support’s (Hale) website.  The Board is governed by a Constitution and has in place a Board of Directors Policy, a Code of Conduct and an Instrument of Delegations of Authority and Responsibility.  Since its establishment, Hale has always been trying to empower both our participants and workers to stand up against human rights abuses.  At the outset, Hale has set its priorities as to allow our participants and families including members of the community to measure its success:

NDIS Compliant:

  • We will be a practical and active organisation, delivering high quality services that people need, want and can utilize their NDIS Plans effectively.

Skilled Workforce

  • We have a committed and suitably skilled group of workers and leaders who are valued for their contributions and care about the people they work with.

Quality services

There are 3 main standards we strive to improve and achieve each time:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Implement a continuous improvement program 
  • Benchmark operations

Incidents & Complaints Management

We will continuously review how we work to ensure we are always improving our practices and internal systems in managing the incidents and complaints effectively, and comply with the legal requirements and industry standards.

Asset Management System

We will continue to develop a robust system to properly manage our current assets responsibly, and explore opportunities to expand our assets to increase opportunities for people receiving our services and ensure our viability.

All Board Members (except the Chief Executive Officer) are non-executive directors, acting in a voluntary capacity.

Board of Directors’ responsibilities

  • Support Hale Community Support’ Mission;
  • Approve and review the Strategic Plan;
  • Monitor the business performance against agreed objectives and industry benchmarks;
  • Review and approve the annual budget;
  • Ensure that Hale’s processes of risk identification and management are in place; and
  • Recruit and review the performance of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

The Board is elected by the Members and is made up of between three and five directors including the Chairperson and Secretary. Processes and policies are in place to review the performance of the Board and to identify likely new director candidates who will add to the diversity and expertise of the Board.

Meet our friendly Board of Directors

Acting Chairman

Mr Nepo Kamuta is a fellow member of the Congregational Christian Church of St Marys located in the Western suburbs of Sydney.  This church has been supporting Hale in the earlier years of its development through programs and fellowship which the participants enjoy them so much. He started his career as an Immigration Officer and became one of the most hard-working advocates of community integration work for Pacific Island communities the last 20 years.  Having been the most influential cultural events coordinator bringing positive community reinforcement work into Hale, he was happy to take upon the role of the Acting Chairman this year, 2019.   Nepo is currently trained to become a certified Pastor/ church minister in order to continue working with the pacific island communities through a pastoral care role.  His goal is to continue working with communities and families who are in need.

Board of Director

Ms Josephine Roberts was appointed to Hale’s Board in December 2017 as a finance specialist.  Her noble cause is to ensure “robust systems do not overcome consumers’ dreams of getting the best quality care”.  Ms Roberts currently works in one of the largest New Zealand accounting firms and consults internationally to regulators and the financial services industry.  She has over 25 years’ experience in accounting services, and was heavily involved as a financial advisor / accountant for Hale prior to its set up.  She is a certified public accountant for both New Zealand and Australia.  An Accounting graduate from the University of Queensland, Australia.

Board of Director

Representing the NDIS participants, Ms Serafina DiBella has wealth of experience in supporting people with disabilities not only as a caring parent but a former business woman who had retired from many years of managing a successful business.  Ms DiBella’s business experience gives her strategic, tactical and operational skills across all aspects of marketing including customer needs analysis, promotional campaigns, marketing communications, patient compliance and support programs but most of all ensuring that daughters and sons of Australia who have disabilities are well placed at Hale.

Board Secretary

Ms Sara Anae was one of the key role players in driving Hale to become a recognised disability provider in Australia.  She joined Hale at a very challenging time.  Ms Anae graduated with Honours in International Relations and Bachelor of Political Science and Social Policy from the University of Victoria in New Zealand.   She also holds a Graduate Diploma Development Studies and a Certificate for Training the Trainers from the Australia Training Institute.  She had occupied various roles in the Disability Sector ranging from a Lifestyle Coordinator to an Operational Manager.

Ms Anae is known for her commitment to people with disabilities and enthusiasm in supporting families and communities’ ‘living free from abuse’. 

CEO -Board Director

Afamsaga Su’a Pou Ioane is a Certified Civil Engineer by profession who graduated from the University of New South Wales with an Honours Degree in Civil Engineer and a Masters in Engineering majoring in Project Management.  He holds many other certificates in Occupational Health and Safety.  Mr Ioane had occupied different roles in New South Wales and the Pacific ranging from Project Engineer to a senior management level.  When Hale started as an organisation, Mr Ioane was very committed and began working voluntarily as a driver picking up and dropping off people with disabilities to different places around North Sydney.   He was motivated and he had learnt the degree of making sure that anyone who works for Hale must appreciate the sacrifices and the humble beginnings of this organisation especially ‘ supporting people with disabilities should be a blessing not a chore’.